“He’s been high on a young girl’s ride
Never alone on a Saturday night
He’s been all around the world about a million times
But he’s never been in love
Not on the inside”
–Robyn, “Not On The Inside” (1999)

Hmm… I wonder whose misbehavior she was calling out there.

Yes, for those of you not in the know, Robyn was alive, kicking and hitting the musical mark between “Show Me Love,” her top 10 hit from 1997, and “With Every Heartbeat,” her 2007 “comeback” hit, which went to No. 1 in the UK. During her “lost” years, Robyn recorded two excellent albums, 1999’s My Truth, released when she was 20, and 2002’s Don’t Stop The Music, source of the aforementioned “Not On The Inside,” and also collaborated with Basement Jaxx and Swedish producer Christian Falk, among others. I’m on the edge of my sofa anticipating what she does next.

Robyn “Not On The Inside”


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