The Best View in Bangkok?

Though I wouldn’t dream of kicking Mr. Perfect out of bed, if I must sleep alone, what better sight to wake up to than one of the best views from above in Bangkok? It makes getting out of bed in the morning so much easier, and frankly, I can’t think of any guy I’d rather see first thing after I wake up other than Ryan Gosling, who happens to be in town filming a movie and could very well be staying in a condominium in the Met (to the far right in the above photo), easily my favorite building in Bangkok.

When I was booking my second stay at the Anantara Bangkok Sathorn, I requested a suite on the opposite side from the 14th-floor apartment I stayed in last time because despite my stunning-but-somewhat-less-so view, there had been so much direct daytime sunlight that I had to keep the curtains drawn during regular business hours.

This time, I was determined to let the sunshine in, without having it scorch me and my living space. I was given a 10th-floor apartment on the opposite side, highly desirable, according to the rental agent, because it overlooks the pool. But I’ve yet to see the pool from anywhere but ground level. Why look down, when there so much beauty spread out right across from you?


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